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The Papers

This is our current listings of known local radical papers, their dates and locations. There are no doubt gaps, and we need more exact dates for many. If you can help, please get in touch!


Aberdeen People’s Press 1973-76 Aberdeen
Action 1970s London (SE)
Alarm 1976- 80? Swansea
Andersonstown News 1970s-90s Belfast
Angell unknown London: South
Archenfield Review 1984- Hereford
Attila 1971-74 Brighton
Back Street Bugle 1977-81 Oxford
Barnsley Metropolitan unknown Barnsley
Bath Spark 1978-82 Bath
Between the Line(s) 1980s -about a year Oxford
Big Print, The 1978-80 Aberdeen
Birchwood Pioneer, The 1977- Birchwood (Lancs)
Birmingham Free Press unknown Birmingham
Bong! 1970s Buttershaw, Bradford
Bradford Banner unknown Bradford
Brighton Voice 1973-89 Brighton
Bristol Resource and Rights Centre Bulletin 1978- Bristol
Bristol Voice 1975-81 (?) Bristol
Broadside 1976-79 Birmingham
Broadside 1979-81(?) Newcastle
Broken Arrow 1972- Cardiff
Bromley Broadsheet 1960-70 (?) Bromley
Bury Metro News 1973-79 (?) Bury
Bush News 1979-85 London: Shepherds Bush
Buttershaw Line 1970s Bradford
Byker Phoenix 1970s-80s Byker, Newcastle
Cadburn Unemployment Centre Newsletters 1980s Torquay etc
Calder Valley Press 1979-82 (?) Calder Valley Towns
Calder Voice 1977-? Calderdale
Camden Tenant 1972-? London: Camden
Cardiff People’s Paper 1969-76 Cardiff
Castlemilk Press 1971-73 Glasgow
Castlemilk Today 1974-78 (?) Glasgow
Cell 1973-? Truro
Chapeltown News 1972-77 Leeds
China Cat Sunflower 1970s Birmingham
City Enquirer 1978-80 Manchester
City Life 1983-2005 Manchester
City Limits 1976-? Milton Keynes
City Wise 1983-86? Nottingham
Civic Venom 1980s Hull
Cleck Hooter 1970s Cleckheaton, W Yorks
Cleveland Wrecking Yard Info Sheet 1971- Potteries, Staffs
Clydeside Action 1978- Glasgow
Colne Valley News 1976- Huddersfield?
Common Cause 1978- South Wales
Community Mirror 1975- Derry
Community News, Newspaper of Kirholt, Ashfield Valley, Turf Hill, Balderstone 1976- Balderstone
Corrugated Times 1976-77 London: Ladbroke Grove
Counterpress 1978- Milton Keynes
Covent Garden Community Association 1970s London: Covent Garden
Covent Garden Workshop News 1970s? London: Covent Garden
Coventry News 1979- Coventry
Coventry Workshop Bulletin 1976- Coventry
Crab Chelmsford radical bulletin 1969- Chelmsford
Cracker 1972- Edinburgh
Craigmillar Festival News 1971- Edinburgh
Cwmbran Checkpoint 1974-88 Cwmbran
De Beaver 1971- London: Hackney
Deptford Comment 1970s London: Deptford
Dockside Bulletin 1970s Liverpool
Durham Street Press 1977-84 Durham
East Bowling News 1980s Bradford
East End Link 1979- London: Tower Hamlets
East End News 1980- London: East
Fapto 1971-74? Margate
Feedback (infosheet), prev NaNa News 1978- Norwich
Filthy Lies 1972-? Merton
Finsbury Parker 1974-? London: Finsbury Park
Flipside 1980s St Albans
Flying Post 1970s-2000s Exeter
Focus on Barton 1975- Oxford
Foleshill Roots 1973- Coventry
Free Press, The 1970s Preston
Free Tottenham Times 1980s London: Tottenham
Free Winged Eagle 1979- Orkney
Gateshead Street Press 1970s Gateshead
Glasgow News 1971- Glasgow
Glasgow Peoples Press 1977-78 Glasgow
GNAT 1979- London: West Ham
Govan People 1977- Glasgow
Grapevine (Birmingham) 1971-75 Birmingham
Grapevine (Cambridge) 1978- Cambridge
Grapevine (Rushden) 1980s Rushden (N. Hants)
Grapevine (Todmorden) unknown Todmorden
Grass Eye 1970s Manchester
Grass Roots 1973-74 Nottingham
Grass Roots 1970s Birmingham
Greenwave 1980s Cambridge
Hackney & Stoke Newington People’s Paper 1970s? London: Hackney
Hackney Action 1972-73 London: Hackney
Hackney Gasbag 1970s London: Hackney
Hackney Gutter Press 1970s London: Hackney
Hackney Peoples Press 1973-1985 London: Hackney
Halifax Free Press 1980s Halifax
Halton Views 1979- Runcorn, Cheshire
Haringey Free Press 1970s London: Haringey
Headline, The 1973- Leeds
Heathan, The 1973- Birmingham
Hebden Bridge Community Press unknown Hebden Bridge
Highfields Voice 1977- Leicester
Houldsworth Times unknown Stockport
Huddersfield Hammer 1978- Huddersfield
Hull News unknown Hull
Hustler, The 1960s-70s London: Notting Hill
Islington Gutter Press 1972-82 London: Islington
It Can’t Be 1972- London: Muswell Hill
Kirky Snorter (Kirkby Unemployed Centre) 1980s Kirkby
Kite 1972- London: Kentish Town/Gospel Oak
Knee Dip In Shit 1980s Bradford
Knuckle 1970s London: south
Lancaster (and Morecombe) Free Press 1970s Lancaster & Morecombe
Lancaster Free Press 1972- Lancaster
Leeds Other Paper 1974-1994 Leeds
Leigh People’s Paper (became Leyth, Bent and Bongs People’s Paper in 1977) 1973-83 Manchester: Leigh
Levenshulme Post 1977- Manchester
Levern News 1979- Glasgow
Liverpool Free Press 1971- Liverpool
Liverpool People’s News 1980s Liverpool
London Free Press 1970s London
Longsight News 1970s-80s Manchester
Lower Down 1974-77? London: South
Manchester Free Press 1971- Manchester
Mantra 1970s Southampton
Metro News (aka Bury Metro News) 1975- Manchester: Bury
Mole, The 1969-70 Brighton
Moseley Paper, The 1975- Birmingham
Moss Side News 1968-78 Manchester
Moss Side People’s Paper 1970s? Manchester
Mother/Muther Grumble 1971-73 Durham
Moul/Mole Express 1970-77 Manchester
Ned/Nell Gate 1972-74 London: Notting Hill
Neighbourhood 1980s London: ?
New Cross and Brockley Telegraph 1970s-80s? London: New Cross
New Manchester Review unknown Manchester
No Choice unknown Cambridge
North Devon Snail/The Snail 1971-? Devon: North
North Manchester Eye unknown Manchester
Nottingham Bulletin 1979- Nottingham
Nottingham Extra 1985-87? Nottingham
Nottingham News 1979- Nottingham
Nottingham Voice 1974-77? Nottingham
Octopus: The Hulme Magazine 1980s Manchester
Omnibus 1979-? Leamington
Ops Veda 1968-71 Sheffield
Other Paper, The unknown Burton-on Trent
Paisley Gutterpress early 1980s Paisley
Pak-O-Lies 1971-? Liverpool
Paper Tiger 1970s: early Harrow
Pavement 1972- London: Wandsworth
Peckham Pulse 1978- London: Peckham
Peninsula Voice unknown Cornwall
People’s News 1969- London: Notting Hill
Pillbox, The 1973- Newport
Pitsmoor News 1970s Sheffield
Plain Loco unknown Crewe
Poison Pen 1979-1981? Hastings
Possil Post 1976- Glasgow
Post, The unknown Hull
Preston Other Paper 1988-91 Preston
Preview 1971-73? Bristol
Queenspark 1972- Brighton
Red Rag 1979-87 Reading
Response 1976- London: Earl’s Court
Riveria Press 1979- Manchester
Rochdale’s Alternative Paper (RAP) 1971-81 Rochdale
Ruchazia Review 1970s/80s? Glasgow
Salford Champion 1970s Salford
Scottie Road Press 1970- Liverpool 5
SE1 1975- London: North Southwark
Seeds 1970s: early Bristol
Sheep Worrying unknown Somerset
Sheffield City Issues c1983 Sheffield
Sheffield Free Press 1975-83 Sheffield
Sherrack 1975-78 Totnes
Smoke and Whispers unknown Somerset
Soho Clarion 1973- London: Soho
South Circular 1978- London: South
South London Stress 1979-83? London: South
South West Newspaper 1970s SW Region
SPAM 1972-? Bristol: Baptist Mills
Speke Press 1979- Liverpool
Spen Valley Spark unknown Spen Valley
Spike 1970s: early Glasgow
Stevenage Tooth and Nail 1978- Stevenage
Street Press 1971-73 Birmingham
Styng unknown Barnsley
Swansea Black Sheep 1986-7 Swansea
Swindon Free Press 1970-72 Swindon
Tameside Eye 1978-81 Manchester
Titus Groan 1971-2 Stoke-on-Trent
Torry Citizen unknown Aberdeen
Tower 1973- London: Fitzrovia
Tower Hamlets Voice 1970s: mid-late? London: Tower Hamlets
Tuebrook Bugle 1971- Liverpool
Tyneside Street Press 1970s: mid Newcastle
Tyneside Street Sheet 1979- Newcastle
Vassall Neighbourhood Newsletter 1970s: mid? London: Lambeth
View, The 1967- Glasgow
Voice, The 1971- Glasgow
Walcot News 1970s: mid? Bath
Walworth in Print 1978- London: Walworth
Waveney Clarion 1973- East Anglia
York Free Press 1975- York


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